In the 80s, there were many factories starting up in Penang. Many of the factories were looking for services and maintenance in the Fire Protection Industry. With his experience and foresight in this industry, CH Yeap decided to start a customer-focused company called Matra Jaya Engineering to focus on the needs of these factories. Due to his professionalism and service oriented attitude, CH Yeap was well recommended by the local Fire Protection Industry consultants.
Matra Jaya Engineering slowly began to grow and in 1992, it was incorporated to become Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad. From a small company selling Fire Equipment & accessories and also doing service and maintenance contracts for the Fire Protection Industry to bidding for tenders in Fire Protection services in building contracts, Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad has grown to what it is today through the support and the trust of its customers.
Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad had even participated in overseas building contract to supply Fire Protection Services and Equipment. One of the bigger projects was the Hotel Equatorial in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
By 2008, Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad had moved from Penang to Kota Bharu, Kelantan and in 2014, Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad became the first ISO Certified Fire Fighting Company in Kelantan. Till today, Saga MJE Sendirian Berhad continues to believe in Protecting property and saving lives through excellence in fire safety systems.
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